The FARMSTEAD plan will preserve the old trees and bring back the fruit stand.

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Our proposed plan will feature single-family detached home lots at the lowest housing density allowed for this property under the City of Vacaville’s current General Plan, and a public neighborhood park & trails system.

You can now also track the progress of FARMSTEAD via the City of Vacaville website:

Initial investigation indicates the potential for about 130 single family detached lots, on approximately 11 net developable acres (just over 8 units/acre), as well as approximately 4 acres dedicated to a new public park and trail amenities. The developable area is calculated by taking the gross property acreage and subtracting the park & trails, right-of-ways and community streets.  This calculation yields a lot size average of about 3,700 sf ft.  This is not the same as the average 3,300 sf lot size mentioned on the FAQs page, because not all lots are 75’x44’ rectangles, and the irregular lots are slightly larger.

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Neighborhood Park

Our plan includes 3.96 acres of public park & trail land.  The City’s General Plan calls for a 6-acre neighborhood park, but it allows flexibility for infill sites, as developments of approximately 1,500 homes are necessary to adequately fund the maintenance of a 6-acre neighborhood park.  Additionally, on this site, even the minimum number of homes allowed per acre would require attached multi-family housing in order to fit in a 6-acre park.6

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Public Trails

a. We would like to connect the property to the neighborhood by creating a system of public trails on all four sides of the property.  This way, kids get to walk to school more easily and safely, and the neighborhood can enjoy a soft perimeter edge of the new community thanks to setback homes and yards buffered with landscaped trails and preserved trees.

b.  These trails would allow the neighborhood to maintain the existing rural edge along North Orchard Boulevard, as well as access around the property and into the public park.

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Tree Preservation

a. We plan to preserve the one hundred year-old pecan trees on the western boundary of the property along North Orchard Boulevard.  Only a single tree will have to be cur down for the community access street.

b.  We plan to preserve the old trees surrounding the existing homes and structures as part of the public park planned for the same area.

Fruit Stand

Our intention was to bring back the Fruit Stand in some form.  Unfortunately, the City of Vacaville will not allow this due to budgetary issues and liability concerns.